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I’ve been told SO many times how "messed up" my body is.

“You probably shouldn’t play competitive sports again.”


“This is the most unstable knee I’ve ever assessed.”


I tried changing my behavior, but the “smart” training/rehab the health and fitness industry told me would help...


it simply didn't work.


Time after time, I fell into another spiral of pain, hopelessness, and desperation... until I found my truest spark of hope.

I first learned about CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) in January 2016 at a Functional Range Conditioning seminar in New Jersey. Holy 💩

Despite a degree in Kinesiology and 15,000+ training sessions under my belt, I re-learned everything I knew about biology and physiology from a hopeful new lens.

I started believing that SIGNIFICANT positive change was possible if I put in the work consistently.

And with a few months of consistent effort doing very specific exercises, I felt better than I had in years. YEARS.​


As I experienced my new reality first-hand, I began using the principles with my clients. I blended these teachings with my positive outlook and previous knowledge to help people radically transform their mindset, their attitude, and their bodies.


I am grateful for my pain, my diagnoses, my ugly images, because they implored me to learn and grow. They forced me to either change and adapt, or shrivel.


They brought me where I am today, and undoubtedly, they’ll keep teaching me lessons moving forward. 

What does any of this have to do with you? 

Today, my goal is to use everything I've learned to empower and support as many people as possible - yourself included.


I created my Smile Mobility Membership as a means of teaching people how to improve their physical health while bringing regular doses of positivity, hope, and optimism.


As a member, you'll have access to LIVE classes, dozens of pre-recorded classes, and specialized performance content.

"I trained with Brian for 5 years. During that time, I went from being weak, having a poor self concept and bad nutrition to becoming an athlete — strong, fierce and confident.

Ana Craig

Private Client

After feeling like I was just putting more and more wear and tear on my body each year and feeling worse, Brian has helped me stay healthier while getting stronger. My highlight was shaving 5 min off my Olympic tri time to finish under 2:20 after not being able to swim train all year, which would not have been possible without focused mobility work. Brian has put together an awesome product and I could not recommend this more."

Alex Kadesch

Triathlete, Yearly Member

"Your program has helped me tremendously. I've been unable to do any high intensity training and your. enthusiasm and knowledge and videos have been a godsend for me."


Monthly Member

That was the most creative and intense exercise I’ve done in a long time. You've completely changed the way I think about training myself and my clients.


I’m loving the workouts, brother."

Dio Vujich

Trainer, Dallas, TX

Join now and you'll get Instant Access to everything.

  • Mobility & Joint-Training Video Library

    Access to my organized library of mobility training videos. All the tools you need to feel and perform your best.​

  • The Smile Community

    When you sign up, you'll get instant access to my Private Facebook Group, Email List, and Live Classes. I will routinely share physical and mindset tips not seen on my other platforms.

  • Resources to support YOUR goals

    This holistic membership will help you regardless of age, training experience, mobility, and goals. You have direct access to me for questions & support, plus opportunities to engage with other members.

What else am I so excited about?

CARs Before Coffee

The morning movement designed to Make Your Body Smile

  • CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations)

    Come from Functional Range Systems and are your most essential tool for maintaining and improving joint health & mobility.

  • Every weekday you'll get a brand new follow-along video

    First thing in the morning. 3-6 minutes that will help you wake up and start the day off right.

  • Even if you do nothing else in the membership

    Regular CARs Before Coffee could be your next transformative habit :)

Specific Guided Courses Inside


DeskMaster Mobility

  • Smiley Sitting Strategy

  • Neck & Shoulder Savers

  • Better Back & Breathing

  • Happy Hip Helpers

  • Several more videos plus weekly updates

Running & Advanced Joint

  • Prepare for the specific demands of your sport

  • Progressive follow-along training videos

  • Recovery & Injury Prevention Strategies

  • Increase you capacity for intense training

  • Tools to troubleshoot your own training

Pre-Recorded & Live Online Classes


What to Expect:

  • Live Online Class Every Saturday

    Join live or watch the replay

  • CARs Before Coffee Every Week Day

    3-5 Minutes of Feel-Good Movement

  • Video Guides for Every Single Joint

    Rehab, Maintain, or Strengthen

  • FUNdamentals Tutorials on Effective Training

    Learn about pain, isometrics, creating tension, etc.

  • DeskMaster Mobility Series

    Learn how to feel good even with long hours at the desk

  • New Videos Based on Member Feedback

    Remember to join the Facebook community

Some Smile Favorites:

  • Crushing CARs Routine

    31 minutes

  • Short & Sweet Morning Mobility Routine

    12 minutes

  • Mobility Strength Session

    39 minutes 

  • Calm Feel-Good Floor Session

    32 minutes

  • Advanced Hip Rotation Session

    60 minutes of hip-bending bliss

  • Live Kinstretch Class for Athletes​

    64 minutes 

Are you ready?

It's time to Make Your Body Smile.





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What Folks Are Saying: 

Just finished doing the hammy/flexor workout! I loved it! Especially the hovers.

My favorite part of your videos is your positive attitude. It never fails to turn my grimace upside down."


"Brian is hands down one of the best coaches I've ever met."

Kevin Miller

Villanova University Director of Sports Performance

Thank you bro!


I was watching the videos and you have some great up-modifications and down-modifications, this really helps me when my negative self-talk gets in the way of a movement."


Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see if I can put your mind at ease.

What is the best way to move through the content?

The home page has links to everything. If you're new to this type of training, I highly suggest starting with the FUNdamentals section. Of course the CARs Before Coffee and DeskMaster series are perfectly friendly places to start.


If you're looking to troubleshoot a particular joint, see the advanced joint training sections.

Will you be available to provide support if I have questions as I go?

What is included in the Private Facebook Group? 

If I join and I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?

Of course you can. Within 30 days you can get a full refund, and you can cancel easily any time with no hidden fees.


If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure this is right for you, please reach out and we'll see if we can come up with an individualized solution for you.


Try out this follow-along mobility session